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PANDHY’S™Rose Water (150 ml)

PANDHY’S™ | GTIN: 980734P
  2 reviews

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A gentle, refreshing, moisturizing face wash, resulting in fresh and healthy skin.

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Thanks to its unique properties rose oil is one of the most valuable basic cosmetic materials, which can be used on all skin types with excellent results – from dry to dehydrated  or problematic to sensitive skin, as well as mature, aging skin. 

It is has a gentle cleansing and toning effect on the skin.  In the case of oily and acne skin due to the rose having anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties it can also be used with very good results. 

It calms sunburnt skin. 

It strengthens cell walls, has anti-aging properties, and stimulates the cell renewal. It restores the pH value of the skin by intensely hydrating it. 

It also strengthens the soul and the mind, it helps in making decisions, and it is also known for its mood improving and nerve-calming effect.

Did you know? Rose was the first flower from which volatile oil and rose water was distilled in ancient Persia.

TIP: you can also use the flower water as a body spray: rose water comes handy after sunbathing or using a sun-bed, but you can also use it to refresh the air in the room. It also makes a nice tasting, refreshing drink, which in addition also aids digestion.



  2 reviews


Tätä on käytetty palaneen/ärtyneen ihon rauhoittamiseen. Aamuisin virkistää ihanasti. Ja tuoksu on raikas eikä yhtään tunkkainen! Todella monikäyttöinen tuote, jota ilman en voisi elää!

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Mahtava tuote kosteuttamaan ja rauhoittamaan ihoa. Suihkuta kasvoille ennen seerumia tai vaikka meikin päälle kesken päivän. Sopii myös vartalolle ja naamion joukkoon.

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Model number: 980734P
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