PANDHY'S™ product package for mask treatment.

PANDHY'S™ product package for mask treatment.

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Product package for mask treatment.

Package includes:

PANDHY'S™ Sigmaline cleansing foam, 160ml

The foam cleans the skin gently, but effectively without drying it, so it can be used even on sensitive skin.

AHA Cocktail fruit acid peel, 10ml

Fruit acids soften and renew the surface layers of the skin, reducing impurities, blackheads and redness.

Your skin becomes softer, healthier, smoother and the skin tone brightens and evens out.

HydroBase cream, 150ml

HydroBase is neutral, very moisturizing and has a lovely, mild lavender scent.

HydroBase is really effective at softening the skin, easily absorbed, moisturizing and it helps retain the skin's moisture effectively.