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Gold package, for dry skin

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The Gold package, which is the most effective and comprehensive treatment package for treating dry skin.

270,00 €

An effective treatment package that includes products for dry skin.

PlumPurity Cleansing milk, 150ml

-A gentle cleansing milk that cleans effectively while giving the skin important vitamins.

NightBooster, 20ml

-NightBooster strengthens the skin's nocturnal renewal and repair.

AHA peeling, 10ml

- Fruit acid peeling that makes your skin softer, healthier, smoother and the skin tone brightens and evens out.AHA acids are also known to improve collagen formation, which keeps the skin elastic.

Rose water, 150ml

-Strengthens and regenerates cells and the rose has magical rejuvenating properties.

Lyli cream, 150ml

-Lyli cream is recommended for dry skin as a night cream, Lyli gently softens and exfoliates the skin.

HydroBase, 150ml

-HydroBase is really effective at softening the skin, easily absorbed, moisturizing and it helps retain the skin's moisture effectively.

Georgikon mask, 250ml

- The Mud mask ensures that our skin receives building materials, minerals, micro and macro elements. The mask acts as a transporter of nutrients and oxygen, removes harmful elements from the skin and helps the skin retain moisture.

The treatment package includes easy and simple instructions for using the products and skin care.


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