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Gold package, effective for oily and impure skin

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Kulta package, the most effective treatment package for treating oily and impure skin.

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247,80 €

An effective treatment package that includes products for oily and impure skin.

Cleansing powder for impure skin

- Intensive, enzymatic cleansing powder for oily and problematic skin.

Calm booster, 20ml

- Calm Booster calms and protects the skin, at the same time it prevents and reduces redness and irritation, maintaining the health and beauty of the skin.

SpaRoma peeling salt, 250ml

- Salt is a real miracle worker in the treatment of inflammation, the oils contained in the scrub nourish and soften the skin.

Witch hazel water, 150ml

- Removes excess fat and controls sebum production, evens out skin blemishes and reduces skin pores.

ACV-Forte, 50ml

-Light, fast-absorbing and nourishing cream that contains apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and Litsea cubeba. These active ingredients are real miracle workers in the treatment of problematic and irritated skin.

Rathany, 150ml

-The cream with a mild floral scent contains rathani root extract, which gives it skin-repairing and anti-inflammatory properties.This cream is very light, absorbs quickly without clogging the skin pores, leaving the skin matte.

Georgikon mask, 250ml

The Mud mask ensures that our skin receives building materials, minerals, micro and macro elements. The mask acts as a transporter of nutrients and oxygen, removes harmful elements from the skin and reduces inflammation on the skin.

The treatment package includes easy and simple instructions for using the products and skin care.


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