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Fading brush


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An easy-to-use brush with which you can easily get a high-quality and natural end result

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15,00 €
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Perfect brush for blending eyeshadow and applying concealer. The LOOkX Blending Brush is made of high-quality nylon, so it won't smudge when you blend or add eyeshadow. The brush is easy and hygienic to use.

Smart beauty:

Easy to use.

Clean beauty:


The blending brush makes it easy to add a little LOOkX eyeshadow. Make circular motions as you mix different colors together. This brush is very good for adding eyeshadow to the creases and outer corners of the eyes.

Tip: Also suitable for applying concealer.


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Product information
Model number: BRSH003
Product identifier: BRSH003
Weight: 11 g

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