Eyeshadow, Heather Medium 1,5 g #108

Eyeshadow, Heather Medium 1,5 g #108

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PANDHY' S™ fine mineral powders are a mixture containing pure oxidized mica.Powders are available from semi-matte to very shimmery. All powders can be used as eye shadow, eyeliner, blush or nail polish (See instructions below). Shades of red, pink, brown and beige can be mixed with Clear Gloss lip gloss. This way you can achieve the desired shade of lips. This is a very pleasant feature for young people who have enough creativity and a desire to experiment. Maskers and makeup artists can mix different shades to create new colors.


Eyeshadows: Use any color that suits you as an eyeshadow. Choose a lighter color to highlight under the browbones. Use a darker color to create shading.

Blushes: Since PANDHY' S™ powders are so sheer, using a brush with blush is just a waste of blush. Instead, use a cotton ball and lightly touch the color from the jar. Apply to desired area and fade well.

Lip colors: Dip a clean lipstick brush into a clear lip gloss or lip balm, choose the color you want and dip the brush into the color. Apply carefully. Add color for a deeper color. You can also use PANDHY' S™ coconut butter.

Nail polishes: Since PANDHY' S™ Multi Purpose Mineral powder does not contain dyes, you do not need to add a base coat. Dip a colorless nail polish brush into the color you want and paint your nails. For a deeper color, use more powder. You can also mix the powder with colored nail polish to change its shade.

Body glitter: Take the desired color on a cotton ball. Apply it on shoulders, face, décolleté, etc. for a healthy glow. Some colors can be used as sunscreen.

Also available in a convenient sales package with a "built-in" brush.

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