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Sustainable Eyeshadow Palette with Magnets

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Space for six favourites, eco-friendly, smart refill packaging for eyeshadow

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19,90 €

Create your own LOOkX eyeshadow palette! 

What makes this refillable palette extra special is the eco-friendly packaging made of cardboard. 

This palette is, thanks to the magnets, just as easy to refill as the LOOkX Eyeshadow box triple magnetic and LOOkX Eyeshadow box solo magnetic, as you are used to! 

What more could you want?

Smart beauty:

- Smart packaging: refill-system, easy for in your purse or on vacation.

- For both LOOkX Eyeshadow and LOOkX Eye & blush.

Clean beauty:  A refill box reduces waste. 


Step 1: Choose your six favorite LOOkX Eyeshadows. 

Step 2: Click them into the box.

Step 3: Use your favourite eyeshadows every day.

Step 4: Refill!Tip: Travelling light? Fill the box with your favorite solo eyeshadows. Add Espresso mat, a great crease and outer v accentuator, that doubles as an eyebrow powder. Finally, add a mini-blush (Eye & blush), like Flamingo or Hot pink & Rose petal pearl+ as a highlighter.. A quick yet complete look in one little box!


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Product information
Model number: plt_std1
Weight: 44 g

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