DIY sugaring package 3
DIY sugaring package 3
DIY sugaring package 3

DIY sugaring package 3

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Sugaring package with which you can make strip sugaring at home, see the instruction videos below.

With the strip sugaring package, you can easily and gently make sugaring at home!

Sugaring packages are now also on sale for home use.If you can't get sugar treatment at the clinic or you want to sugar yourself at home, PANDHY´S™ sugaring packages are a great choice.

DIY - Strip sugaring





The products in the package will help you get hairless and smooth skin for a long time.

No more itchy, irritated skin after shaving.

The skin remains smooth for a long time, and PANDHY´S™ sugaring cannot cause allergies and does not irritate the skin.

You can read more about PANDHY´S™ sugaring HERE

This package includes:

4x Tubes of sugar

2x Flex Epil strips

1x 300g Talc

1x Finishing cream 150ml

2x cream sample

1x Plastic Pandhys Spatula

As well as written instructions for successful sugaring.

Options for the finishing cream are Rathany and ACV cream. Please put which cream you want in the comment field at checkout.

DIY sugaring instruction video for the face area

instruction video

DIY sugaring instruction video for legs

instruction video