Brightening and brightening skin care package
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Brightening and brightening skin care package

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This incredible skin care package is designed to take care of your skin quickly and long-lasting! The products in the package guarantee glowing and healthy skin
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Achieve glowing and smooth skin in 28 days!

The package includes the following products:

Vitamin C mask:

The mask has anti-aging, nourishing and moisturizing properties. The vitamin C mask is full of antioxidants, it cleans and soothes your skin, and strengthens your skin's resistance. Suitable for all skin types, especially aged and dry skin.

Vitamin C Peel:

Superior exfoliation that destroys free radicals at the same time.This intensive scrub has cleansing and cell-regenerating properties. Gives your skin a radiant glow and silky softness. It is a professional scrub for use at home, which is also suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Also ideal for pigmented skin.

Balance oil:

LOOkX Balance – facial oil brings any skin type back into balance.Soothes, repairs, moisturizes and has anti-aging properties. Used daily, forms a protective layer on the skin. Thanks to this, your skin is less susceptible to harmful external influences and the effects of stress.

Gua Sha:

-Natural face lift, shapes the face and neck area.

-Reduces fine lines

-Relieves facial muscle tension.

-Stimulates fluid circulation

-Create glowing and beautiful skin