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Blush, Mulberry, 10 g #208


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10,00 €

There are shades from dusty rose to deep mallow that brighten your cheeks softly and naturally. PANDHY' S™ blushes are made silky and thin which is easy to apply and lasts a long time. These are pure minerals that can also be used on nails and lips.


Mineral blushes are very rich, so they should be used sparingly. The easiest way to apply is to use a cotton ball. Press the cotton ball into the sieve, tap the jar so that a little blush gets on the cotton ball. Carefully slide the red to the desired spot and fade. If you want to use a brush, a fan brush is the best option.


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Product information
Model number: BL208
Product identifier: BL208
Weight: 0.052 kg

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