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Avra Hands and Body Cream

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A fresh and sweet scent of Vanilla, Melon and fruits.

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Macadamia oil has a rich percentage of vitamins Α, Β1, Β2, Β3, C και Ε, proteins, precious minerals- magnesium and iron- fatty acids and it is also rich in palmitoleic acid Ω-7, which provides strong antioxidant and moisturizing action.

Shea butter has a high percentage of plant fatty acids, phenols and vitamins A and Ε, it deters trans epidermal water loss, and provides rich nurturing and protection from free radicals.

Almond oil is rich in oleic and palmitic acid, proteins, vitamins Α, Β1, Β2, Β6, D και Ε, monounsaturated fatty acids and trace minerals and it’s especially beneficial thanks to its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. It helps dry skin recover and instantly improves the hydration levels of the skin.

A fresh and sweet scent of Vanilla, Melon and fruits.


Top Notes: Melon, Peach

Heart Notes: Cucumber, Strawberry

Base Notes: Caramalel, Madagascar Vanilla


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