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Gua Sha and facial rollers

Welcome to our selection of rose quartz gua sha and rollers, which offer natural beauty care and relaxation for your skin. 

Rose quartz is known for its energy-balancing effect and these traditional care products are an effective addition to your skin care routine. Rose quartz gua sha and roller are traditional Chinese beauty tools that help improve blood circulation in the skin, reduce puffiness and promote metabolism. With Guasha, you can gently massage the skin and promote the elimination of toxins, while with the roller, you can massage and cool the skin, helping to reduce puffiness, especially around the eyes.

Rose quartz is also known as the stone of love and peace, which makes these care products the perfect addition to moments of relaxation. In addition, they can help promote positive energy and balance.

Give your skin pampering and well-being by choosing a rose quartz guasha or roller as part of your skin care routine. These traditional beauty tools offer both visible and tangible benefits to your skin and mind.

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