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Shower gels

These shower gels really offer a versatile and enjoyable shower experience! 
With the help of fruit, spices and floral notes, they bring to your skin a variety of subtle scents that invigorate and pamper your senses.

The function of these shower gels is not only limited to fragrance - they also retain skin moisture, deep clean and renew your skin. Glycerin gives the product a wonderful soft foam, which creates a soft and velvety feeling after washing.

These shower gels also leave your skin with an incredibly lovely scent. You can choose from a variety of great options such as Baby Talc, Queen, Hammam, My Musk, Coco Dream, Perla, Stars and Avra and choose the fragrance that best suits your preferences.

These shower gels are not only high quality and enjoyable, but they also take into account the needs of your skin. The dermatologically tested, vegan and gluten-free formula means you can use them with confidence. 

The 300 ml size ensures that you can enjoy this skin care product for a long time and make your shower experience even better.

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