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STARS fragrance is like a subtle and enchanting walk on a romantic evening.

Top note: The opening note brings out the notes of Bergamot and Plum. This part of the fragrance is like the first step on soft grass, when there is still a hint of the day's warmth in the air and the sun is setting behind the horizon.

Heart note: As you move deeper into the fragrance, you encounter an elegant combination of Tuberose and Jasmine. These white flowers bring a sensual and romantic atmosphere that envelops you in gentle enchantment.

Base note: The rest of the scent is full of amber and vanilla tones. These ingredients give the fragrance depth and warmth, just like stars twinkling in the twilight of the night. They leave behind an unforgettable and sophisticated impression.

STARS fragrance is like a romantic night that combines sensual sophistication and soft warmth. It is a fragrance that takes you on a journey under the stars, where you can feel charming and sensual, as if you are part of a magical moment.

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